Združenje izdelovalcev zgornjesavinjskega želodca

Serving today

The simplicity and elegance of serving želodec also apply today.


The slices should be 1.5 mm thick. Overly filled plates should be avoided. Plate slices should overlap easily (to 1/3).

When a slice is removed from the plate, other cuts should be left untouched.

Garnishes require special attention.

Pickled sour vegetables are not an appropriate choice. Garnishes should not be placed on top of the slices!

The locals usually prefer fresh cheese or "mohot" on the side - a spread of quark mixed with cream and seasoned with salt and cumin.

Apple cider, also called "toukec" is offered as a beverage.


Cold cuts waiting for the guests – Mozirje flower park, 2010


The splendor of taste at the company anniversary - 40 years of the main sponsor Bosch Siemens BSH Group in Nazarje, 2010


Our references



Our product has received much attention, approval and request as part of the EuroMARC 2007 project in Lyon.


MARIBOR, SLOVENIA, December 3, 2009

Successful presentation and tasting of želodec at the international final conference EuroMARC - Euromontana, Brussels.


MILANO, ITALY, 2019 - Presentation at Interreg projects




Liebe Dear guests, we wish you a culinary delight!



Združenje izdelovalcev zgornjesavinjskega želodca
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Združenje izdelovalcev zgornjesavinjskega želodca

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T: 051 368 072, E: zelodci@gmail.com

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